Remote IT security officer or virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a dedicated security point of contacts for all issues that helps to build a customized security roadmap no matter where you are on the journey now.

Rapidly growing businesses may not have a complete security program, full-time CISO, and in-house resources with deep insights and knowledge on how secure operations should be developed, implemented, run, and managed. We recommend your virtual CISO solution. With CISO as a service (our expert as a part of your team), your organization will develop a tailored cybersecurity program aligning your business goals and technical needs that fits your profile and gets you compliant.

Virtual CISO services overview

Virtual CISO
program benefits:

Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO
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Virtual CISO

Why do you need a vCISO?

Expertise & Core Competencies

vCISO will have the breadth (and depth) of experience and expertise to make sound decisions about your security. Because we are experts, ramp-up time decreases as they can gain a quicker understanding of your security program than someone with a lower quality skill set.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring a vCISO can dramatically reduce your payroll costs. In addition, you eliminate the cost of benefits and full-time employee onboarding requirements. A vCISO typically costs 30-40% less than a full-time CISO.

Reduced Business Risk

Engaging a vCISO for a short-term relationship poses little risk. When the project is complete, your commitment ends: you are not locked into long-term expenses or payroll costs.

Improving Your In-House Team

A vCISO can handle the heavy lifting. By managing the strategic responsibilities and guiding your in-house staff, we can provide training and mentoring. We can also identify strengths and weaknesses in your team, and identify places where you need additional help or training.

Objective Independence

A vCISO provides an objective independence to evaluate your team and your security. Because they come from outside your organization, they aren’t stuck with “how we’ve always done it,” or burdened by office politics or agendas. They are only as good as their reputation. That means they have to get the job done and done correctly.

Core Tasks Handled by a vCISO

While the specific tasks handled by vCISOs will vary depending on your job requirements and your contractual arrangement, they will report to top company leadership and typically provide these core tasks:

  • Setting or directing privacy and security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • Managing and directing Information Security teams
  • Engaging with executive management
  • Running risk assessments on operational security
  • Providing threat intelligence and manage enterprise security

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