Remote IT Security Officer

A virtual chief information security officer, also referred to as a virtual CISO, vCISO, or CISO-as-a-Service provider, works as an outsourced or on-demand security practitioner. A vCISO role can be filled by a single individual or a team of virtual experts. Although they typically work as remote, part-time contractors, vCISOs provide many of the benefits of a full-time CISO but without the hefty price tag.

Consider a vCISO like a freelance Chief Information Security Officer. Companies often hire them on an ongoing basis, for a stipulated period, or for any particular project.

vCISO is generally involved in deciding the security framework and policies of the companies, providing strategic recommendations, and assisting in the implementation. Sometimes, they represent companies in board meetings and work with executives to justify security measures and their budgetary requirements. But there are many other duties a virtual CISO can take on depending on the needs of your organization.



Security Assessment


Security Operations Development


Security Awareness


Risk Management

Benefits of employing CISO as a Service

  • Unbiased analysis. As an external third party, the vCISO may be able to evaluate an organization’s existing security program more objectively than an internal employee.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Pay-as-you-go pricing allows organizations to pay for only the time and services they use. A vCISO is usually drastically cheaper than having a salaried CISO in house and saves on capital expenditures.
  • On-demand service. Using a service provider allows for constant, flexible availability of security resources. As demands change, clients can alter their services accordingly.
  • Long- and short-term benefits. In the short term, vCISOs can make organizations more secure by identifying immediate risks and introducing or tightening controls. In the long term, they can help lay the groundwork for a future in-house security program through training and improvement of core processes and infrastructure.
  • Experience. Many vCISOs have had extensive experience working with a wide array of diverse organizations.